title. It's A Jungle Out There


  • 22 lead roles

  • Flexible chorus size (i.e. whole school OR small chorus)

suits. Lead cast age range 8-12 years

length. 1.5 hours (approx.)

cost. AU$260


  • Full script (including song lyrics)

  • Rehearsal tracks - with vocals

  • Performance tracks - backing tracks and sound effects

  • One Performing Rights Licence



In the heart of Chanda, an Indian jungle, all of the animals have an important role to play. All except the frogs. King Raja has deemed the frogs to be insignificant outcasts and they get pushed around and disrespected by the other animals.


When an unlikely friendship forms between a frog and a lion (Jai and Frankie), the other animals are not quite sure what to make of it. Frankie hopes that if he can help Jai be more like the other animals, the frogs might find a way to fit in. Maybe they could learn to sing like the birds, be tough like the lions, wise like the owls or funny like the monkeys.


But alas, Jai fails in his pursuits. And to make matters worse, when King Raja hears of the new friendship, he threatens to exile the frogs and any animal found to be associating with them.


Will the other animals ever learn to appreciate the frogs? Will Jai learn to stand up for himself? Or will the evil King Raja continue to rule Chanda through fear and intimidation? Find out in… It’s A Jungle Out There.

Moral: Don’t be afraid to go against the group in order to stand up for what is right. 

musical numbers.

  1. It's A Jungle Out There

  2. Without Me

  3. Who Do They Think They Are?

  4. Who Do They Think They Are? (Reprise)

  5. The Family

  6. The Bird's Song

  7. Believe in Yourself

  8. Good Time

  9. Bollywood Song (optional)

  10. Without Me (Reprise)

  11. For You

  12. Now or Never

  13. Believe in Yourself (Reprise)

  14. It's A Jungle Out There (Finale)

script sample.


music samples.

It's A Jungle Out There - EPmusic
Without Me - EPmusic
The Bird's Song - EPmusic
The Family - EPmusic
For You - EPmusic
Good Time - EPmusic
Now or Never - EPmusic

audience/staff reviews.


"What a great message for the students. So relevant and powerful and it was delivered in such a comical way."


"It was absolutely brilliant. The music was outstanding."

"The best primary school musical I've ever seen!"

student reviews.


"I love dancing, singing and acting which is what gave me inspiration to audition for the amazing, spooky and funny musical ‘It’s A Jungle Out There’."

"I always wanted to be part of a school musical and here I am playing the role of a lion. Dreams can come true."

"I've loved this year for many reasons but most of all, because I have made it into this incredible musical! I've loved the way it has all come together and my favourite songs are probably 'Now or Never' and 'For You'."

It's A Jungle Out There - Trailer